Wednesday, September 11, 2013

do you edmodo?

Well school is in full swing and I have so much to post about our ISNs.  I made a last minute decision to do an ISN for my Ever Day Math class so I am now juggling 3 ISNs along with a new prep.  Nothing like really letting your cup overflow, right?

The other teachers in my CLT (our grade level math group) decided last year before I moved down to 7th grade to do a flipped classroom.  I have heard lots of great things about a flipped classroom but do not feel comforable with the movie making aspect to do it on my own.  THANKFULLY one of the other teachers is in grad school to be a TRT and has taken the lead.

We are using edmodo as our platform and all I can say is L.O.V.E.  The students love it, I love it and it uses mathtype!  What else could you ask for?

For my pre-algebra kids we are uploading our videos there and having them answer polls.  For my Algebra 1 kids right now all I am using it for is to assign homework.  Once we get to graphing it might be harder to assign homework this way but I really like it so far.  The major positive is that I can see exactly if they are getting the questions right or wrong with out hand grading and without relying on them to tell me they got it wrong. One major negative (the kids can really call you out if you miss-code something or enter the wrong answer).

Do you use edomdo?  If so how are you using it?  Any suggestions? 

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