Friday, August 30, 2013


Along with implementing SBG our school is becoming a PBIS school.  Why just change one thing when you can change EVERYTHING right?

I am really into PBIS and am totally on board with everything it stands for.  I have always had trouble telling students what not to do as it just creates a negative environment and a challenge for those students who like to push the envelope.   

When I was student teaching my cooperating teacher gave me a simple verbal cue that I could not live without and that totally aligns with PBIS.  When the class is a bit out of control you find that one student who is doing what you asked and verbally thank them.  Then as the students notice others being praised they model that behavior and shortly you have everyone doing what you want! Its an amazing tool and you NEVER have to raise your voice. In fact you'll find yourself smiling though the WHOLE thing!

To foster a positive environment my IT collaborate with the other 7th grade ITs to come up with our 5Ps.  A simple way to show our expectations and keep them the same for those few students who are cross team.

Here are all the posters I came up with that are now hanging all over our house (that is what we call the pod of classrooms reserved for each grade).


  1. Hi Anne-marie,
    Can't seem to download your file. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Are you viewing this on a tablet or phone? I cannot see the file from my ipad but I can from my macbook. Its a file from box here is a second link:

      Please let me know if it works!